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if your reading this, I’m guessing your unaware of the giant leap i’ve taken over to a new blog platform.

I promise to blog everyday, if you promise to vist every so often!




Mother of Mine…

Whilst browsing though my negatives the other day, I came across a huge stack of negatives from last year that I hadn’t had the opportunity to develop until now. This is my favourite from the batch, the really creepy thing is that I remember the exact moment I took it, as if to say it was yesterday. My mother was telling … Continue reading


Girl in Car Lot – (Experimentation with 35mm film cont.)

After the last attempt and my big mistake with exposing the majority of my film, I decided to go back to this pre-visualisation project . As I said previously in the last post, I’m specialising in Fashion Photography, and felt only right in pressuring a friend into playing dress up so I could give this one last … Continue reading


Experimentation with 35mm Film…

It’s been about four years since the last time I developed a 35mm film. I actually didn’t realise how much I enjoy it until I recently started experimenting for a recent University project and I had the opportunity to go right back to basics. The aim of the project was to understand the shutter speed and aperture details of … Continue reading


Reboot – My First Fashion Shoot

I remember how nervous I was on this day, I had absolutely no idea what to to expect, how I good or bad I was going to be at giving direction… It was the first time I had ever been alone, with full control over the goings on at any type of shoot… but I was also … Continue reading


An Old Favourite.. .

Just to follow up with the theme of uploading old photographs that I have taken… I’ve always loved the colours in this photograph. That is all..


Reboot – New York 2010

So soon it will be the two year anniversary of my trip to New York, oh how I miss New York… In the next five years I will DEFIANTLY be moving over there, so look out guys, i’m on my way up! Here are my favourite site seeing shoots, taken all by me of course :)       … Continue reading

Double Exposure

My First Holga…

With my fascination for Lomography based cameras, I decided that I was going to invest a little bit of cash in a Holga camera. After seeing all the joyful effects it can have on images, I couldn’t resist. One thing I will point out is that it was difficult to tell if the camera was real or faux. I … Continue reading


Reboot – September 2011

A quick reboot of images I took last year. It’s really exciting going through old images, and seeing where you’ve come from and how you’ve developed… Seeing these images tell me  I need to get my photography game up; it’s been a long while since i’ve had proper enjoyment with the digital images i’ve taken..


Say it: YumBrum!

For my most recent University project, all film based students where required to make a 10 second “IDENT” to advertise a brand new magazine, based on life in Birmingham. As I’m new to this area, all the research and investigation I was able to do with this project where at times insightful, other times it felt like … Continue reading


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